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Smale Park and California Woods

on July 19, 2012

Both of these parks are great!

At California Woods you really could feel like you’re lost in the woods.  It’s not a big place, but it doesn’t feel like a park.  There’s one narrow road to get to it.  You can’t even fit two cars side by side.  There’s no picnic areas, no playgrounds, just hiking.

Smale Park just opened.  Well, phase 1 just opened I should day.  It opened May 18.  It’s a delightful place.  It’s right next to Sawyer Point.  You could literally throw a rock from one to the other, so you can enjoy both parks at the same time!  There are 4 phases altogether for Smale Park.  It’s so nice to see people enjoying this park.  I went at night (because I wanted to see the lights), and it was busy.  Not overly crowded, but people were there enjoying it.  It is so nice to see downtown Cincinnati getting a little better.  Kids and adults were loving the colorful fountains!


California Woods:


Sawyer Point:



Smale Park:





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