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Smale Park and California Woods

Both of these parks are great!

At California Woods you really could feel like you’re lost in the woods.  It’s not a big place, but it doesn’t feel like a park.  There’s one narrow road to get to it.  You can’t even fit two cars side by side.  There’s no picnic areas, no playgrounds, just hiking.

Smale Park just opened.  Well, phase 1 just opened I should day.  It opened May 18.  It’s a delightful place.  It’s right next to Sawyer Point.  You could literally throw a rock from one to the other, so you can enjoy both parks at the same time!  There are 4 phases altogether for Smale Park.  It’s so nice to see people enjoying this park.  I went at night (because I wanted to see the lights), and it was busy.  Not overly crowded, but people were there enjoying it.  It is so nice to see downtown Cincinnati getting a little better.  Kids and adults were loving the colorful fountains!


California Woods:


Sawyer Point:



Smale Park:




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Embshoff Woods and Olden View Park


Here is dictionary.com’s definition of a park:

an area of land, usually in a largely natural state, for the enjoyment of the public, having facilities for rest and recreation, often owned, set apart, and managed by a city, state, or nation.
I looked it up because the term park seemed to be used pretty loosely to describe Olden View.  It should be called Olden View Lookout instead, but I suppose the definition of park does not define how much space it needs to take up.  In fact there are many “parks” here in Cincinnati that are the size of a block.  Especially downtown.
Anyway, today I went to Embshoff and Olden View.  Embshoff offers a lot of picnic areas, a playground for kids, frisbee golf, and a one mile fitness trail.  The park is small, but nice.  It has more trash cans than I’ve seen at any other park, which is nice.  It’s such a pet peeve of mine when people litter.
Olden View is right next to the PrimaVista.  It has a lovely view of the city.  I’ve dined at the PrimaVista during a reds game, and you have a great view of the fireworks after the game.  They do Fireworks Fridays every Friday that they are home throughout the summer, ending in August. 
Olden View is actually kept pretty nice until you get to that actual view.  Below the view it’s a mess. 
Olden View:
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Shawnee Lookout

After getting bit up at Mt. Echo it was suggested that next time a hike to put fabric softener (preferably lavender) in my pocket and socks. This trick actually worked, and is much more pleasent then wearing bug spray.

It’s hot in Cincinnati!  Really hot.  It’s hasn’t been this hot at this time of  year since the 1930’s.  When it’s 100 degrees out by noon parks are not very busy.  I saw a wild turkey and a deer at the park, but no hikers.

There are signs throughout the trails about how the land was when Indians were here.

The best thing about Shawnee Lookout is how well kept it is.  This place was spotless.  I hiked all three trails and the only litter I saw was one Easter egg, which I actually found quite amusing.  Somebody is very good at hiking Easter eggs apparently. 

Mother nature is very loud in this park.  As you walk along you will hear plenty of unknown things running around in the trees.  This place is also flooded with daddy long leggers.  They’re everywhere! 

Overall, great park.  It’s not difficult.  Like I said the trails are well taken care of.  (this is not true of Mt. Echo.  At Mt. Echo there was broken glass, litter, used condoms. gross)

If you don’t want to do all three trails I would suggest skipping Blue Jacket Trail because there are towers along this trail.  You will literally be 5 ft away from danger high voltage signs. 





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Mt. Echo Park

Happy Independence Day!

Today I went to Mt. Echo Park.  This park isn’t in a great area of town, and there’s not much to do, but it has nice view. 



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This blog is about hiking in and around Cincinnati.  I’ll be posting pictures of various parks in the area and giving my opinion of the parks overall.


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